About Me

I’m on Earth working the Shift.  To say that I am less than thrilled about it would be a gross understatement.  I have just about resigned myself to the fact that I seem to be stuck here until the end of my natural life, but I will never stop trying to find a loophole in that clause.

My work is mostly through Dreams, including the one we call consensus reality.  I’m a lucid dreamer and use my nightly dreamstate for energetic work across the dimensions and levels.  Not that I have a choice, most of the time – I’m a member of a number of karmic teams, as we all are.  The only difference between me and most people is that I have full consciousness in The Dreaming, which opens worlds of possibility.  Therefore, I get most of my updates on The Shift “in person” – I do appreciate channeling but I’m highly skeptical of anything even remotely ambiguous.  I’m highly practical and enjoyed a decade and a half of fascist atheism before being forcibly and oh-so-reluctantly catalyzed into position for the Shift.

I’m distrustful and occasionally downright disdainful of religions and belief systems – my understanding of reality is constantly in flux.  I consider myself a “witch” only because I came into this world with that identity, although my inherent understanding of the term doesn’t quite mesh with anything I’ve seen here so far.  I’m definitely not one for ceremonies, or pomp and circumstance… where I come from, there’s nothing symbolic about magic (unless you’re to argue from the perspective that all reality holograms are inherent metaphors).

In any case, I’m here now, and I’m working my ass off (totally thanklessly) so I don’t have to be, or at least so that “here, now” becomes much more enjoyable than it has been.

Should anyone take any offense whatsoever to my tone not living up to their standards of unicorn sparkles and “dear friends” and whatever else the New Age types like to pad their matrix with these days, they can show themselves the door.  My work is real, and it goes everywhere, by necessity, including into the darkest dark.  There can be no lightest light without the void, and All Is One.

That’s not to say that I don’t like unicorn sparkles, because I do.