When reluctantly frequenting online communities of “lightworkers”, I am always amazed by the overwhelming lack of “light” in the comments section.

Seriously, if I read one more comment that “none of this is real” or “nothing is happening” or anything along those lines, I might lose it.  I’m not sure where you’re positioned that you simultaneously frequent those types of boards and yet don’t have any concrete proof that all of “this” is very real, and there is quite a lot “happening, but I invite you to come spend some time in my neck of the woods.  It will swiftly and completely absolve you of any doubt as to the intricacy and patience required for a multidimensional programming for a shift of this nature.

There seem to be very few incarnate who have a solid grasp of the bigger picture, and the machinations thereof.  It’s not enough to be somewhat versed in various types of “software”, you also have to understand the hardware, the relationship between objective and subjective, and all sorts of nitty gritty details that take lifetimes to learn.

I could stop reading channelings and stay away from light-lounges altogether, but it’s useful data, even though my forays into the light often leave me frustrated and quickly retreating back into the far more comfortable shadows.

I really wish there was some kind of cohesive community for people like me, but how?  We don’t have labels.  Everyone else seems so comfortable with some title or another: “lightworker”, “shaman”, “starseed”, even “witch”.  What is it called when your primary job is hacking the universal basecode?  Meta-Anonymous?


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