Robert’s Rules of Order

This site is not intended for people who require Reality 101.  When I say that our job in this Shift is to redesign the hologram while attempting to maintain as much stability as possible throughout the process, you should already be nodding your head in agreement, or at least disagreeing on reasonable, intelligent terms.  Your disagreement with any of my statements should be tempered with the knowledge that statements made in linear space-time automatically require about a billion disclaimers regarding perspective, but were I to refrain from making any statements without including all necessary disclaimers, I would remain permanently silent.  I will not be catering to people who crave politically correct discourse regarding The Shift – I will be telling the Truth, from my Position, and my position is often not very pretty.

Certain presuppositions that we must agree on in order to discuss this particular global Shift from my perspective:

1) Dreams are holographic reality matrices, existing on a sliding scale of more or less “real” than the dream we refer to as consensus reality.  Any experience, when experienced by your consciousness, is “real” to your consciousness – the difference between a delusion and everyday reality is simply a matter of collective shared experience.  However, the feeling of relative reality within a dream can be a useful indicator of “level” when determining ego/subconscious/collective/archetypal/etc., or even dimensionality.

2) We are all energetically connected, and this energy can be accessed and worked with directly and with purposeful intent.  We live in a network of energy, as if we’re each individual computers connected to the internet.  If you’re a certain sort, you can learn to move behind the scenes and attempt to hack the universal basecode… for the collective good, of course.  Not to say it hasn’t been used for other purposes in the past – hence The Shift.

3) Nothing is supernatural (ie “outside” of nature).  Everything naturally arose from itself in the void, and even the strangest, most bizarre phenomena (trust me, I’ve witnessed plenty) are still within the coding parameters of “natural”.

4) Science can be extremely helpful, but by the very nature of the scientific method, it discards subjective evidence.  As reality is simultaneously subjective and objective, science completely overlooks half of reality.  This is problematic for science, and frustrating for completely rational, practical, intelligent people who experience things on a regular basis that the omnipotent gods of science deem impossible.  (Do I sound bitter? Well, I used to worship at the altar of Science in my atheist days, until I saw mathematical proof that Science is missing exactly half of The Big Picture, and I grew increasingly disenchanted with that particular belief system).

5) The consensus reality we experience on Earth can be compared to a particularly concrete dream.  The coding parameters in Earth’s 3D space-time dimple give us particular (ruthlessly inflexible, to my dismay) physical laws which break down at the quantum level.  These physical laws are neither universal nor absolute, and while they do negate many fun possibilities in the material world, they do not restrict the ability of consciousness to move anywhere and everywhere at will.  In this way, accessing and learning to explore consciousness acts as the gateway to liberation, and finding the membrane between The Dreaming and our reality (aka the Higgs field) enables us to impact our reality via our actions in The Dreaming.


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